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id you know that what you eat directly after exercising – typically within two hours – can have a significant impact on the health benefits you reap from your exercise?

Consuming sugar within this post-exercise window, will negatively affect both your insulin sensitivity and your human growth hormone (HGH) production.

The right training program and diet will make sure you stop aging and one can actually get younger

What is a Telomere?

Your body is made up of some 10 trillion cells, and according to one theory, you age because your cells age. Therefore, if you can control the aging process in your cells, you should be able to control your aging, and this is where stopping age-related telomere shortening comes in.

Many anti-aging experts agree that this approach is, without question, one of the most exciting methods that holds great promise to not only slow the aging process but actually REVERSE it!

Each of your cells has a nucleus, which contains the chromosomes that in turn contain your genes. The chromosome is made up of two "arms," and each arm contains a single molecule DNA, which is essentially a string of beads made up of units called bases.

A typical DNA molecule is about 100 million bases long, and at the very tip of each arm of the chromosome is where you'll find the telomere.

Your telomeres shorten every time your cell divides, starting at the moment of conception. If you were to unravel the tip of the chromosome, a telomere is about 15,000 bases long at the moment of conception, and once your telomeres have been reduced to about 5,000 bases, you will essentially die of old age.

Good News

- High-Intensity Exercise May Limit Age-Related Telomere Shortening

In an exciting study published earlier this year, the researchers discovered that there's a direct association between reduced telomere shortening in your later years and high-intensity-type exercises—a perfect example of which is Peak 8, which I'll review below.

This is very exciting, as the prospect of being able to reduce telomere shortening—essentially stopping the cellular aging process that eventually kills you—is one of the most promising anti-aging strategies we know of to date.