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03 Hamptons Beach Style The Hamptons beach style interior trend is one that evokes refinement and relaxation. A beach house in New York's Hamptons might be owned by members of an exclusive set. But it's still designed with unwinding in mind. The style has class and sophistication. It also takes inspiration from the natural elements of the beach. Using this fun interior style, you can bring the seaside into your home without making it look too twee. It might be hard for you to get started, but it's easier if you keep some essential ideas in mind. Create your ideal Hamptons beach style home by using the following key tenets.

Be Inspired By Nature

Whether or not you actually live by the beach, the idea of a Hamptons style home is to create decor that reflects it. Nature can provide you with so much inspiration to design a stylish home with a touch of a rustic feel. Firstly, there are the colours of the beach itself. The yellows and whites of beautiful sandy beaches make lovely neutral shades you can use in your home. Capture a soft, natural look by using organic materials for your furniture and accessories. Our Hamptons beach style homewares include Earthy Rattan Dining Chairs. These chairs are both rustic and sophisticated. Give your home an earthy and relaxed feel with their whitewashed mango wood. They feature a distressed rattan seat and back. Think about other ways you can get natural colours and textures into your home. Be inspired by driftwood and white of the waves as they crash against the beach. Organic textiles like linen and cotton can add a softness to your interiors. Moving away from neutrals might be a choice you make too. Pick a colour from the ocean, from jade to deep blue, to inspire your theme.

Think Clean and Minimal

The last thing you want to do with your Hamptons style home is to go overboard. You need to avoid making it too cluttered. Otherwise, you'll end up with a charming seaside cottage that isn't quite what you were going for. It won't necessarily look bad; it just won't be in keeping with the more refined look that you want. Sticking to clean and minimal design should help you to stay on track. You can still include accessories and trinkets. But they should each have a purpose in your overall design. A neutral colour scheme will help to keep things minimal. Combine larger items like our Carmella Bar Stool with smaller accessories. For example, you can display the Woven Bamboo Serving Tray. Choose key pieces to become features in the room. So you won't be tempted to overwhelm the scheme with too many fiddly bits. Create subtle contrasts in colour and texture, instead of doing something bolder. Creating a plan for your design before you take action will help you make sure that you keep things minimal.

Incorporate Comfort into Style

Your Hamptons beach style home needs to be sophisticated and stylish. However, there's no reason that it can't also be very comfortable. In fact, it's essential that the space is relaxing and helps you to unwind. You want to be able to sit back at the end of a long day, at the weekend or perhaps when you finally have a holiday. Keeping comfort in mind when you're choosing stylish pieces is vital. Luckily, it's easy to ensure your Hamptons beach style homewares are comfortable and beautiful. Look for plush seating for your relaxation areas, whether they're inside or outside. Even dining chairs can be both comfortable and smart. For example, our Classic Wooden Seating perfectly fits the Hamptons style. You can select fully upholstered sofas and chairs for your living spaces. Or choose something with wicker or rattan. Just make sure there are plenty of comfortable cushions, either within the seating itself or as accessories. Add cushions and throws to make the seating comfortable and warm. You can explore different fabric options, including natural suede and leather choices.

Keep Things Light and Airy

There's a place for dark and cosy colours, but in your Hampton beach home isn't it. You should aim to keep things as light, open and airy as possible. Keeping a neutral or a light colour scheme should be your first step to achieving this feel. Creating an uncluttered and clean layout helps too. You need to go for a breezy feel that helps you to feel cool on a warm day and lets you relax. If you use brighter colours than the neutral shades, bring them down with white, cream and beige. Even subtle accessories like the Whitewash Bamboo Cutlery Holder will add to the fresh and clear atmosphere.

Add Coastal Accessories

You don't want your home to be a blank canvas of white furniture and nothing else. When you're buying Hamptons beach style homewares, don't forget to accessorise too. You don't want to end up with too much clutter, but don't leave surfaces bare either. Add textiles to your sofas and other seating. And use your useful items so they double up as decor too. For example, our Handwoven Rattan/Bamboo Serving Trays are great for serving drinks. However, they also look fantastic sat out on a coffee table or a sideboard. So don't hide them away in a cupboard. Think about how you can use objects like the Soft White Serving and Snacking Bowl to decorate and not just as practical solutions. Use your accessories to include coastal and seaside details in your home. You might want to avoid sailboats and dolphins, but there's plenty you can use. Find natural driftwood or pieces of coral, or use hurricane lamps to light the room. Think about how to display the accessories you buy too. Make a feature of coffee and side tables, and other surfaces to highlight accessories. Add some colour so they provide accents to the rest of the room. Designing your Hamptons beach style home should give you a relaxing and sophisticated space in which to unwind. Keep to these inspiring ideas and you should achieve the look you want. Shop at April & Oak now!

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